Our purely products commercial photography is a two step process which includes selecting which type of photography you are interested in for your product, then choosing how many images you would like to purchase commercial licensing for.

Step 1: Select the type of photography you're interested in.

You may select multiple sessions to be added to your full package.

Session Fees

Wholesale & Flatlay

Pure white backgrounds with or without shadow and reflections.
Styled flatlays


Styled & Staged Lifestyle

Styled products in their place of use or on a set. Choose from props we have available, or ask for details on costs for purchasing items specific to your brand.



You choose the model and location to suit your branding or let our creative expertise select it for you.


Step 2: Select your commercial licensing package

Commercial Licensing


Purchase commercial license use of 10 images from your sessions gallery.



Purchase commercial license use of 20 images from your sessions gallery.



Purchase commercial license use of 30 images from your sessions gallery.



What is a Commerical License?

A commercial license is a limited use license on photos that allows you to utilize the image to market your business. AMBERimages maintains copyright, but you are provided the rights to post the image on your social media platforms, webpage and use in print media.

Can I purchase additional image licenses after I've chosen my package?

Yes! Image licenses can be purchased for $50 per photo, or another package may be selected. If some time has passed since your shoot, you may be required to pay an additional $50 archiving fee to re-instate the gallery.

Can I give the images to other businesses to use?

No, each business that utilizes the image must have their own commercial license from AMBERimages. They can be purchased by contacting us.

Do you offer discounts on multiple sessions?

Yes! If you are interested in multiple sessions please reach out, we may be able to offer a packaged price.

Who pays for shipping and what happens to the items afterwards?

You would pay to have the items shipped to us and choose if you would like them returned. If you choose to have them returned, you would also be responsible to pay the return shipping.

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